Forte dei Marmi

The village is characterized by a strong presence of greenery, especially pine forests and some remnants of holm oak, an ancient plant typical of this area. In fact, although the public parks are not many, the city is embellished with tree-lined avenues and villas with large gardens.
The town planning for a few years has tightened the rules governing the construction of buildings, so the preservation of natural areas is almost guaranteed.
Also known for the luxury of the City, Forte dei Marmi is home to several places where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere as starred restaurants, 5-star superior hotels and first-class bathrooms.
The beach of Forte dei Marmi is entirely composed of fine golden sand. The sea at certain times of the year, and in any case with the help of currents

Rate for Forte dei Marmi from Viareggio station: 40 euros

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